Bad Axe is the newest Thorn Novel

Review of Bad Axe

Oct. 15, 2020 by

One of the minor drawbacks of publishing books independently (meaning outside the New York publishing world) is that few Indie books garner reviews. While it’s debatable that newspaper reviews have a great impact on sales, when a reviewer as perceptive

Pandemic Reading

Sep. 10, 2020 by

Been reading a lot during these last few months. More than usual and not just because of the pandemic. When I finished Bad Axe back in the spring, I decided to wait a while before beginning the next one. A


Sep. 10, 2020 by

Just wanted to thank, belatedly, Lon Shapiro, of Guttman Shapiro Creative Group for his excellent work on the cover of Bad Axe as well as a knockout Book Trailer, and a complete redo and update of the website. Lon also

Johnston Atoll

Jul. 10, 2020 by

I can’t always recall the exact starting place for each novel. Usually there are several seemingly unrelated ideas kicking around in my head for a while and some mysterious fusion occurs between them that points me toward a starting place,

Independence Day

Jun. 24, 2020 by

I was born on the Fourth of July, so independence was one of those multi-syllabic words I learned early. One of my most vivid memories from my youth was when I was eight or nine accompanying my dad to the


Mar. 3, 2020 by

(The Florida Presbyterian College tennis team, 1968.  That’s me, kneeling, second from right.  With hair.) I started playing tennis in the early Sixties on a pitted asphalt court next to the basketball gym in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  My buddy Bryan Lesueur

Politics and Thorn

Feb. 27, 2020 by

I doubt that Thorn knows who the president is.  Without a TV and no sign of newspapers or magazines in his day-to-day existence, it’s unlikely he knows much about current events or pop culture.  He’s a reader of books, but

Thorn and Bad Axe

Feb. 22, 2020 by

I’ve finished a draft of the new Thorn novel (#15) and, I admit, it has an odd title.  Usually I’ve opted for titles that have some nautical aspect or hint at its Florida locale.  But this time the title uses

An Old Interview

Apr. 21, 2019 by

I’m working hard on a new Thorn novel.  A bit more than halfway through.  This one has been delayed by a couple of medical issues. First, in the fall of 2018, I decided to face the increasing arthritic pain in

Artificial Intelligence

May. 18, 2018 by

  Artificial Intelligence. The more you look at that phrase, the stranger it gets.   As I was reading a fascinating article   in the New Yorker recently about AI, I came across this quote about the struggles of trying to