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Thursday, November 4, 2021 Dear Grandaddy: I’m writing this on your typewriter which I inherited from you.  I just had it cleaned professionally and the man who did the work gave me some information about the machine. It’s exactly one

Thorn’s House

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Back in the early eighties when I was first living full time in Key Largo, I found the place so exotically beautiful that as I began to write that first novel set in the Keys, Under Cover of Daylight, one

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

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Been reading a lot and watching a bit of TV in the evening when the eyes are tired. (And of course I’ve been chasing the cursor across the blank page. More on that later.) Books: We got hooked on a

An Interview from the Distant Past

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The recent Ken Burns documentary on Hemingway (three-part series on PBS) was a fascinating reminder of the power that a single writer had on shaping American literature. During my forty-year university teaching career I taught a course in Hemingway a

Video Interview for Bad Axe

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Bad Axe is the newest Thorn Novel

Review of Bad Axe

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One of the minor drawbacks of publishing books independently (meaning outside the New York publishing world) is that few Indie books garner reviews. While it’s debatable that newspaper reviews have a great impact on sales, when a reviewer as perceptive

Pandemic Reading

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Been reading a lot during these last few months. More than usual and not just because of the pandemic. When I finished Bad Axe back in the spring, I decided to wait a while before beginning the next one. A


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Just wanted to thank, belatedly, Lon Shapiro, of Guttman Shapiro Creative Group for his excellent work on the cover of Bad Axe as well as a knockout Book Trailer, and a complete redo and update of the website. Lon also

Johnston Atoll

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I can’t always recall the exact starting place for each novel. Usually there are several seemingly unrelated ideas kicking around in my head for a while and some mysterious fusion occurs between them that points me toward a starting place,