Nude Woman in the Grass: How I Fell In Love With Mysteries

Aug. 10, 2017 by

(This is a view of the ‘restored” library.  The First Presbyterian Church (which I attended in my youth) is on the far right.) NUDE WOMAN IN THE GRASS My love affair with books began as most serious romances do, when

An Interview

Aug. 6, 2017 by

      Forests of the Night by James W. Hall Published by St. Martin’s Minotaur 352 pages, 2005 Buy it online     Novels by James W. Hall: Under Cover of Daylight (1987) Tropical Freeze(1990) Bones of Coral (1992)

Four Hours

Aug. 3, 2017 by

Okay, I write thrillers, so I should be used to this.  Still it’s strangely hard to accept the fact that on the opening page of the Kindle version of When They Come For You the reading time is listed as

When They Come For You–Free for Amazon Prime members.

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For the rest of August Amazon Prime members can download When They Come For You for free. Get it Here

Never Gets Old

Jul. 28, 2017 by

The day the new books arrive never gets old.  It’s happened now 20 plus times, and it’s still as exciting as it was decades ago when I started. And this time the audio books arrived at the same time.


Jul. 27, 2017 by

When I was a kid, besides playing basketball, football and tennis with my friends and classmates, I spent a good deal of time alone.  In my early teenage years, I set up a shop in the basement of our house

Book Reviews

Jul. 23, 2017 by

Since 1987 when I published Under Cover of Daylight with W.W. Norton, I’ve been learning about book reviews.  I’ve learned a lot of lessons in these years.  For one thing, whether the review is good or bad, its impact on

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Jul. 20, 2017 by

Richie is one of my earliest dogs.  He was named after Richard Diamond, a TV detective on a show we used to like.  Richie had a white diamond-shaped mark on his back, ergo, Richie.  Detectives, dogs.  Two things that started

Nose in a Book

Jul. 13, 2017 by

  From a very early age I’ve had my nose in a book.  I can’t say for sure what caused my fascination with reading.  My brother, for instance, who is only two years older and had pretty much the same


Jul. 6, 2017 by

My dad was an amateur photographer. Maybe even a semi-pro. He set up his own darkroom in our basement and developed his own photos for many years. When the family was out in public together, he almost always had a