Early Praise for When They Come For You

“Harper McDaniel, the heroine of this thrilling series launch from Edgar-winner Hall (The Big Finish and 11 other Thorn novels), has recently lost her celebrity photographer mother to suicide, but she takes comfort in her loving husband, Ross, an investigative reporter for the Miami News, and their baby son, Leo, with whom she lives in Coconut Grove, Fla. Then one evening Harper returns home from a charity event to find cops and firefighters outside the remains of her house, which has been destroyed by fire. Inside she finds Ross and Leo, who have both been shot dead. Assisted by her brother, Nick, a resettlement specialist for the World Bank, and her gangster grandfather, she sets off to track down the killer. Her quest leads her to Africa, Switzerland, and Spain, where she pieces together a mosaic of crimes linked to the deaths of scores of innocent people. A woman of action, Harper fights her own battles, takes her own risks, and sets her own traps. This intricately plotted novel delivers a protagonist to root for and villains worthy of the name.” — Publishers Weekly


Praise for The Big Finish

“A tough-minded tale of love, violence and duplicity. . . . Thorn may remind you of John D. MacDonald’s immortal Travis McGee — Hall gladly admits his debt to the McGee books — or perhaps Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, because Thorn also lives off the grid, unburdened by credit cards or a driver’s license. Old enough to harbor doubts and regrets, he clings to a code that keeps propelling him into harm’s way. . . . [Hall’s] vision takes in both the beauty and the horror of his chosen turf, the dangerous Southern landscape that McGee once trod. He’s a strong and welcome voice.”Washington Post

“Like all of Hall’s work, his latest thriller boasts a page-turner of a plot, fully realized characters and lyrical prose. But the biggest lure of his fiction is his examination of moral issues, not only in black and white but also in numerous shades of gray. Clever and cinematic, The Big Finish explores, entertains and educates.” ―Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Hall keeps the tension mounting as motives and alliances shift with the foul-scented wind. Even as violence looms, Hall’s talent for description adds a balancing, poetical note.” ―Publishers Weekly

Praise for Going Dark

“Hall’s latest novel, titled Going Dark proves he’s one of the best genre writers working today.” —Alan Cheuse, All Things Considered“Among the best [of Florida writers] is James W. Hall. . . . As the story spins forward, Hall builds the suspense and violence to what could literally be a breaking point for South Florida. Along the way, he treats the reader to gorgeous prose about the state’s natural bounty, advances his development of Thorn, supplies multiple shocks and proves that not all of Florida’s reptiles slither on their bellies.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch“As ever, Hall is in colorful command of his South Florida setting… Compared to other mystery writers, he plays things refreshingly low key, but he’s always in control, thriving on the setup as much as the payoff …with its nicely observed characters and lively dialogue—and terrific sex scenes—it keeps readers turning the pages.” —Kirkus

“Hall is one of those rare thriller writers who can build character as he ratchets tension, who can do no-holds-barred action scenes with panache and, in the midst of bedlam, never lose sight of nuance. All those skills are on display here, as Hall assembles a full-bodied supporting cast whose stories hold our interest as much as Thorn’s attempt to save his son without helping to bring about a South Florida version of Chernobyl. A fine thriller on every level.” —Booklist on Going Dark

“Superlative….Hall steadily ratchets the suspense while seamlessly combining elements of Florida’s natural history with elements of the state’s early development and overdevelopment.”  —Publishers Weekly (starred) on Silencer

“A damn good mystery.” —Booklist on Dead Last

“Hall’s ability to evoke the deep, primeval essence of the Bay and Glades—the water, air, wildlife, feral excitement—are unmatched, and the life and death struggle that ensues is heightened and set apart by a heavy ambivalence…With his unerring sense of place, and a frighteningly sure grasp of the dark side, nobody cooks it up like Hall.” Miami Herald


Praise for Hit Lit

Kirkus calls Hit Lit “Passionately and thoroughly entertaining…”

“Fascinating…Every would be writer, and every knowledgeable reader should read this book.”  –Michael Connelly



Praise for Dead Last

Dead Last is a mystery with multiple layers, with Thorn pursuing a ruthless and clever killer as well as diving into his own past — two paths that will have a shocking convergence.” —St. Petersburg Times

Praise for Silencer

*Starred Review* When Hall’s hermit hero Thorn, the Key Largo beach bum who used to earn his meager living tying flies, inherited millions of dollars from a long-lost relative (Hell’s Bay, 2008), readers couldn’t help but wonder where the series could possibly go next. Thorn a multimillionaire, even one determined to use his money to preserve uncivilized Florida? Well, yes, we’re happy for him, but won’t he cease to be the quintessential off-the-grid loner living on the fringes of civilization? Hall answers that question in this superb thriller, which finds Thorn still on the outside, still inadvertently bringing disaster to those he loves. Nothing like money to make a mess out of life. It starts with what should have been a sweet deal. Thorn’s lover, Rusty Stabler, now also his business manager, has negotiated a three-cornered transaction with the state of Florida and ranching mogul Earl Hammond to save Hammond’s massive holdings in central Florida from developers. All seems to go awry, however, when Hammond is murdered and Thorn is kidnapped. With his hero out of the action for a chunk of the novel, Hall luxuriates in character development, creating rich, multidimensional portraits of the Hammond clan and of two wacko contract killers. But there’s still room in the story for Thorn to face down his demons, the mild-mannered hermit once again giving vent to his lizard brain and unleashing “a crazed surge that wasn’t hate or fear or rage but some poisonous cocktail of all three.” Can anyone match Hall’s ability to combine thoughtful, character-driven drama with blood-thumpingly in-the-moment existential thrills? No, no one can. —Bill Ott

Praise for Magic City

“Hall continues to explore the ever-intriguing psychodynamics of his unconventional hero, but he also adds a new dimension to the series with the fascinating look at Miami in the 1960s… Another outstanding chapter in one of the genre’s most consistently first-rate series.”
Booklist (starred review)(Starred Review)

“…the novel further solidifies Hall’s mastery of an element that eludes many other contemporary mystery writers…”  — The Miami Herald

“…a gripping tale of dirty politics, love gone wrong, murder for hire, and international intrigue that is impossible to put down. Highly recommended.” — Library Journal (starred review)