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(The Florida Presbyterian College tennis team, 1968.  That’s me, kneeling, second from right.  With hair.) I started playing tennis in the early Sixties on a pitted asphalt court next to the basketball gym in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  My buddy Bryan Lesueur

Politics and Thorn

Feb. 27, 2020 by

I doubt that Thorn knows who the president is.  Without a TV and no sign of newspapers or magazines in his day-to-day existence, it’s unlikely he knows much about current events or pop culture.  He’s a reader of books, but

Thorn and Bad Axe

Feb. 22, 2020 by

I’ve finished a draft of the new Thorn novel (#15) and, I admit, it has an odd title.  Usually I’ve opted for titles that have some nautical aspect or hint at its Florida locale.  But this time the title uses

An Old Interview

Apr. 21, 2019 by

I’m working hard on a new Thorn novel.  A bit more than halfway through.  This one has been delayed by a couple of medical issues. First, in the fall of 2018, I decided to face the increasing arthritic pain in

Artificial Intelligence

May. 18, 2018 by

  Artificial Intelligence. The more you look at that phrase, the stranger it gets.   As I was reading a fascinating article   in the New Yorker recently about AI, I came across this quote about the struggles of trying to

New book, new cover

Apr. 23, 2018 by

Harper returns to take care of unfinished business.  The novel takes place in Zurich, Spain and Italy.  It will be published August 28th.

LaBrava, Me and Dutch and Image Patterns

Dec. 19, 2017 by

    Image Patterns   A quarter of a century ago, I decided to teach a course in crime fiction at the university where I worked for most of my adult life. The focus was on crime novels set in


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This is a King Midget, my first car.  My brother, John, (pictured here with Baby, the neighborhood dog) drove it before he turned it over to me when he got his first car, a ’52 Chevy I believe. The King


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This week I reached the point in the new novel where I decided it was time to do an outline.  That point is roughly 75 percent into the book. My version of an “outline” is a one or two sentence

Friends and Books

Aug. 17, 2017 by

I’ve been lucky to meet many of the writers I’ve long admired and in some cases I’ve been even luckier to have become friends with some. Back in the early eighties, before I’d published a novel, I was teaching a